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STEM-rich maker learning : designing for equity with youth of color

In recent years, Maker-centered learning has emerged in schools and other spaces as a promising new phase of STEM education reform. With a sharp focus on equity, the authors investigate community-based STEM Making programs to determine whether, and how, they can address the educational needs of youth of color. They explore what it means for youth to engage in making with the explicit goal of addressing injustices in their lives. The text features longitudinal ethnographic data and compelling examples that show how youth of color from low-income backgrounds innovate and make usable artifacts to improve their lives and their communities. This book is essential reading for anyone interested in the theory and practice of Making, STEM learning with adolescents, and equity in both formal and informal educational settings. -- Provided by publisher
Print Book, English, 2018
Teachers College Press, New York, NY, 2018
vii, 184 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9780807759233, 9780807759240, 9780807777053, 0807759236, 0807759244, 0807777056
Foreword by Yasmin B. Kafai
Equity and the maker movement
The promise of the maker movement
Building a framework for equitable and consequential maker learning
Light-up scooter
Learning with youth : the chapters in this book
Looking ahead
Working toward an equitable and consequential culture of youth-based maker learning
Feeling accomplished
Considering equitable and consequential maker learning:
Mobilities of criticality
How we use a mobilities of criticality framework
Mobilities of criticality
Why we focus our work in community partnerships
Looking ahead
"We wanna makerspace!" : youth participatory action research toward the design of equity-oriented making
Design of making environments
Youth participatory action research
The unfolding of an investigation
Critical moments
Looking ahead: challenging the boundaries of making and makerspaces
Youth as community ethnographers
Youth as community ethnographers
Community ethnography as pedagogy in making
Community ethnography toward new practices and spaces of making
Community dialogues and observations toward refining the problem space
Community ethnography for equitable and consequential making
Co-making : imagining new social futures through community making
Supporting a culture of co-making
Co-making toward new relationalities in making
Negotiating tensions inherent in relationality and co-making
Looking ahead
Making for a more just world
Stories of youth makers
Rooted in community
Making for place and place-making
Looking ahead
Seeding an authentic community making culture
Organizing for material reimaginings and new social futures
Expanding maker-roles, expanding agency
Looking ahead
Making and the equity agenda : looking forward
Equitable and consequential stem-rich making and maker learning
Co-creating an emergent, community-focused youth making culture with youth makers
About the authors