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Straightforward statistics for the behavioral sciences

This student-oriented text presents the "basics" for professors who need to get through the text quickly and who therefore give priority to the essentials of applied statistics. The text aims to captures the insight and classroom lecture tactics of statistics teachers.
Print Book, English, 1996
Brooks/Cole Publ. Co : An International Thomson Publ. Co, Pacific Grove, Calif., 1996
XXII, 600 s. : il. ; 24 cm
9780534231002, 0534231004
Getting started: why study satistics?; basic concepts and ideas. Descriptive statistics: frequency distributions and graphs; summary measures; relative measures and the normal curve; linear correlation; linear regression. Concepts of inferential statistics: sampling distributions; logic of hypothesis testing. Methods of inferential statistics: one-sample t statistic - when a t ratio is not practical; two-sample t tests; analysis of variance; two-way analysis of variance; repeated-measures analysis of variance; nonparametric tests; bringing it all together. Appendices: statistical tables; answers to selected review questions; computer applications of statistics.