Front cover image for The Supposium : thought experiments & poethical play in difficult times

The Supposium : thought experiments & poethical play in difficult times

Joan Retallack (Editor)
"The gamut of intellectual and imaginative; performative, visual, and poetic experiments and interventions in this volume enact poethical responses as seemingly divergent as decolonizing architecture in a Palestinian refugee camp while rethinking socio-political geometries of the global refugee crisis; Black Dada vis-à-vis Black Lives Matter; misogyny as Feminist Responsibility Project; the art of If; Miles Davis's and another's s'posin; and of course Fall Guys. The Supposium is a polyvocal attempt to edge byond default geometries of attention as we address the state of emergency that has become our space-time on this planet. The implicitly conversational sequence is homage and play on Plato's Symposium - Socratic dialogue on the nature of love (erōs) with its humor, gravitas, and improbably feminine swerve out of a prototypic masculine culture. The culminating, collaborative poem SWERVE was procedurally composed of language from participants in a 2-14 supposium at MoMA. Forms of love uniquely expressed in the passionate work of engaged poets, artists, curators, and assorted intellectuals are everywhere manifest"--Inside front flap
Print Book, English, 2018
Litmus Press, Brooklyn, New York, 2018
Criticism, interpretation, etc
iv, 172 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
9781933959313, 1933959312
Thought experiments beginning with Suppose
Manifestos, conversations
thought experiments, cont'd
Supposium 2014, documentation
Swerved, a procedural poem from Supposium 2014
Anne Carson -- Sandi Hilal -- Peter Krapp -- Fred Moten -- Adam Pendleton -- Joan Retallack -- Beverly Semmes -- Ingrid Schaffner -- Evelyn Reilly -- John Keene -- Alan Devenish -- Lauren Bakst & Nova Benway -- Alhena Katsof -- Mónica de la Torre -- James Sherry -- erica kaufman