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TCP/IP illustrated. Volume 1, The protocols

저자: W Richard Stevens; Gary R Wright
출판사: Reading, Mass. : Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., 2000, ©1994.
시리즈: Addison-Wesley professional computing series.
판/형식:   인쇄본 : 영어

A detailed guide to TCP/IP protocol suite. Rather than just describing what the RFCs say the protocol suite should do, it uses a diagnostic tool so you may actually watch the protocols in action. It  더 읽기…


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모든 저자 / 참여자: W Richard Stevens; Gary R Wright
ISBN: 0201633469 9780201633467
OCLC 번호: 47205962
설명: 576 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
내용: 1. Introduction. Introduction.Layering.TCP/IP Layering.Internet Addresses.The Domain Name System.Encapsulation.Demultiplexing.Client-Server Model.Port Numbers.Standardization Process.RFCs.Standard, Simple Services.The Internet.Implementations.Application Programming Interfaces.Test Network.Summary.2. Link Layer. Introduction.Ethernet and IEEE 802 Encapsulation.Trailer Encapsulation.SLIP: Serial Line IP.Compressed SLIP.PPP: Point-to-Point Protocol.Loopback Interface.MTU.Path MTU.Serial Line Throughput Calculations.Summary.3. IP: Internet Protocol. Introduction.IP Header.IP Routing.Subnet Addressing.Subnet Mask.Special Case IP Addresses.A Subnet Example.ifconfig Command.netstat Command.IP Futures.Summary.4. ARP: Address Resolution Protocol. Introduction.An Example.ARP Cache.ARP Packet Format.ARP Examples.Proxy ARP.Gratuitous ARP.arp Command.Summary.5. RARP: Reverse Address Resolution Protocol. Introduction.RARP Packet Format.RARP Examples.RARP Server Design.Summary.6. ICMP: Internet Control Message Protocol. Introduction.ICMP Message Types.ICMP Address Mask Request and Reply.ICMP Timestamp Request and Reply.ICMP Port Unreachable Error.4.4BSD Processing of ICMP Messages.Summary.7. Ping Program. Introduction.Ping Program.IP Record Route Option.IP Timestamp Option.Summary.8. Traceroute Program. Introduction.Traceroute Program Operation.LAN Output.WAN Output.IP Source Routing Option.Summary.9. IP Routing. Introduction.Routing Principles.ICMP Host and Network Unreachable Errors.To Forward or Not to Forward.ICMP Redirect Errors.ICMP Router Discovery Messages.Summary.10. Dynamic Routing Protocols. Introduction.Dynamic Routing.Unix Routing Daemons.RIP: Routing Information Protocol.RIP Version 2.OSPF: Open Shortest Path First.BGP: Border Gateway Protocol.CIDR: Classless Interdomain Routing.Summary.11. UDP: User Datagram Protocol. Introduction.UDP Header.UDP Checksum.A Simple Example.IP Fragmentation.ICMP Unreachable Error (Fragmentation Required).Determining the Path MTU Using Traceroute.Path MTU Discovery with UDP.Interaction Between UDP and ARP.Maximum UDP Datagram Size.ICMP Source Quench Error.UDP Server Design.Summary.12. Broadcasting and Multicasting. Introduction.Broadcasting.Broadcasting Examples.Multicasting.Summary.13. IGMP: Internet Group Management Protocol. Introduction.IGMP Message.IGMP Protocol.An Example.Summary.14. DNS: The Domain Name System. Introduction.DNS Basics.DNS Message Format.A Simple Example.Pointer Queries.Resource Records.Caching.UDP or TCP.Another Example.Summary.15. TFTP: Trivial File Transfer Protocol. Introduction.Protocol.An Example.Security.Summary.16. BOOTP: Bootstrap Protocol. Introduction.BOOTP Packet Format.An Example.BOOTP Server Design.BOOTP Through a Router.Vendor-Specific Information.Summary.17. TCP: Transmission Control Protocol. Introduction.TCP Services.TCP Header.Summary.18. TCP Connection Establishment and Termination. Introduction.Connection Establishment and Termination.Timeout of Connection Establishment.Maximum Segment Size.TCP Half-Close.TCP State Transition Diagram.Reset Segments.Simultaneous Open.Simultaneous Close.TCP Options.TCP Server Design.Summary.19. TCP Interactive Data Flow. Introduction.Interactive Input.Delayed Acknowledgments.Nagle Algorithm.Window Size Advertisements.Summary.20. TCP Bulk Data Flow. Introduction.Normal Data Flow.Sliding Windows.Window Size.PUSH Flag.Slow Start.Bulk Data Throughput.Urgent Mode.Summary.21. TCP Timeout and Retransmission. Introduction.Simple Timeout and Retransmission Example.Round-Trip Time Measurement.An RTT Example.Congestion Example.Congestion Avoidance Algorithm.Fast Retransmit and Fast Recovery Algorithms.Congestion Example (Continued).Per-Route Metrics.ICMP Errors.Repacketization.Summary.22. TCP Persist Timer. Introduction.An Example.Silly Window Syndrome.Summary.23. TCP Keepalive Timer. Introduction.Description.Keepalive Examples.Summary.24. TCP Futures and Performance. Introduction.Path MTU Discovery.Long Fat Pipes.Window Scale Option.Timestamp Option.PAWS: Protection Against Wrapped Sequence Numbers.T/TCP: A TCP Extension for Transactions.TCP Performance.Summary.25. SNMP: Simple Network Management Protocol. Introduction.Protocol.Structure of Management Information.Object Identifiers.Introduction to the Management Information Base.Instance Identification.Simple Examples.Management Information Base (Continued).Additional Examples.Traps.ASN.1 and BER.SNMP Version 2.Summary.26. Telnet and Rlogin: Remote Login. Introduction.Rlogin Protocol.Rlogin Examples.Telnet Protocol.Telnet Examples.Summary.27. FTP: File Transfer Protocol. Introduction.FTP Protocol.FTP Examples.Summary.28. SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. Introduction.SMTP Protocol.SMTP Examples.SMTP Futures.Summary.29. NFS: Network File System. Introduction.Sun Remote Procedure Call.XDR: External Data Representation.Port Mapper.NFS Protocol.NFS Examples.NFS Version 3.Summary.30. Other TCP/IP Applications. Introduction.Finger Protocol.Whois Protocol.Archie, WAIS, Gopher, Veronica, and WWW.X Window System.Summary.Appendix A. The tcpdump Program. BSD Packet Filter.SunOS Network Interface Tap.SVR4 Data Link Provider Interface.tcpdump Output.Security Considerations.Socket Debug Option.Appendix B. Computer Clocks. Appendix C. The sock Program. Appendix D. Solutions to Selected Exercises. Appendix E. Configurable Options. BSD/386 Version 1.0.SunOS 4.1.3.System V Release 4.Solaris 2.2.AIX F. Source Code Availability. Bibliography. Index. 0201633469T04062001
일련 제목: Addison-Wesley professional computing series.
책임: W. Richard Stevens.


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