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Translation and technology

C. K. Quah
The evolution of translation tools over five decades has mirrored a rapid growth in demand from different groups of end-users for translation services. In this book, the changes that have occurred are discussed, ranging from developments in the more familiar tools such as machine translation systems to other types of translation tools and resources now available and of help to professional translators as well as to occasional translation producers. The degree to which the localization industry has benefited from improvements in translation tools is also discussed. Chiew Kin Quah further explores the relationships between technology and translation theory, unearthing the reasons why the two are often viewed as distinct areas of research in spite of both being concerned with translation. Intended as an introduction to the world of translation and technology for upper-level undergraduates and Masters students, the book provides an overview of the technology used in the modern translation industry, as well as of current developments and future directions. The book will be of interest also to professional translators interested in refreshing their knowledge and expertise by exploring a rapidly growing field
eBook, English, 2006
Palgrave Macmillan, Houndmills [England], 2006