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The translator as mediator of cultures

Print Book, English, ©2010
John Benjamins Pub., Amsterdam, ©2010
x, 201 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm.
9789027228345, 9789027288059, 9027228345, 9027288054
Introduction: Between temples and templates: history's claims on the translator / Probal Dasgupta
Part I. Translation and reconciliation: 1. Translation as reconciliation: A conversation about politics, translation, and multilingualism in South Africa / Antjie Krog, Rosalind C. Morris, and Humphrey Tonkin
2. Interpreting at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY): Linguistic and cultural challenges / Nancy Schweda Nicholson
3. Translating and interpreting sign language: Mediating the DEAF-WORLD / Timothy Reagan
4. Translators in a global community / Jonathan Pool
Part II. Translation and negotiation: 5. The treason of translation? Bilingualism, linguistic borders and identity / John Edwards
6. The poetics of experience: Toward a pragmatic understanding of experience, practice, and translation / Vincent Colapietro
Part III. Translation and the interpretation of texts: 7. Translation and the rediscovery of the multinational Central European / Thomas Cooper
8. Transcriação / Transcreation: The Brazilian concrete poets and translation / K. David Jackson
9. Expression and translation of philosophy: Giorgio Colli, a master of time / Marie-José Tramuta
10. The semantics of invention: Translation into Esperanto / Humphrey Tonkin