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Turkey, a country study

eBook, English, 1996
Federal Research Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., 1996
Government publications
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Ancient Anatolia. Hittites ; Phrygians and Lydians ; Armenians and Kurds ; Greeks
Rome and the Byzantine Empire
Turkish origins. Great Seljuks ; Sultanate of Rum ; The crusades
The Ottoman Empire. Ottoman institutions ; Selim I and Süleyman the Magnificent ; Köprülü era ; External threats and internal transformations ; The young Turks ; World War I
Atatürk and the Turkish nation. Plans for partitioning Turkey ; Nationalist movement ; War of independence ; Atatürk's reforms ; Foreign policy
Turkey after Atatürk. World War II ; Multiparty politics, 1946-60 ; The armed forces coup and interim rule, 1960-61 ; Politics and foreign relations in the 1960s
Crisis in Turkish democracy. Politics and elections in the 1970s ; Conflict and diplomacy: Cyprus and beyond ; The economy: an unresolved issue ; Challenges to public order
Military intervention and the return to civilian rule. Military interlude ; Politics and the return to civilian rule ; Economic stabilization and prospects for the 1990s
Geography. External boundaries ; Geology ; Landform regions ; Climate
Population. Population density, distribution, and settlement ; Migration ; Government population policies
Language reform: from Ottoman to Turkish
Linguistic and ethnic groups. Turks ; Kurds ; Arabs ; Peoples from the Caucasus ; Dönme ; Greeks ; Armenians ; Jews
Religious life. Islam ; Secularist policies ; Retreat from secularism ; Non-Muslim minorities
Structure of society. The changing national elite ; Urban life ; Towns ; Village life
The individual, the family, and gender relations. Marriage ; The extended family ; Gender relations ; The status of women
Health and welfare
Growth and structure of the economy. Economic development ; Reforms under Özal ; Economic performance in the early 1990s ; Structure of the economy
Human resources and trade unions
Role of government in the economy. Liberal interlude ; Etatism ; State economic enterprises and privatization ; Development planning ; Budget
Agriculture. Agricultural policy ; Irrigation ; Land use ; Land tenure ; Cropping patterns and production ; Livestock ; Forestry and fisheries
Industry. Industrial policy ; Energy ; Mineral resources ; Manufacturing ; Construction
Services. Banking and finance ; Transportation and telecommunications ; Tourism
Foreign economic relations. Foreign trade ; Balance of payments ; Regional economic integration
The constitutional system. Provisions of the 1982 constitution ; Electoral system
Government. National assembly ; President, council of ministers, and prime minister ; Judiciary ; Provincial and local government ; Civil service
Political dynamics. Political developments since the 1980 coup ; Political parties ; Political interest groups
Mass media. Newspapers and periodicals ; Radio and television
Foreign relations. Dissolution of the Soviet Union ; The Middle East ; European Union ; The United States
Historical role of the armed forces
The armed forces and society
Politics and the military
External security concerns. Middle Eastern conflicts ; Syria ; Iran ; The Balkans ; Greece and Cyprus
Turkey's participation in NATO
Armed forces. Defense spending ; Sources and quality of personnel ; Education and training ; Conditions of service ; Army ; Air force ; Navy ; Uniforms, ranks, and insignia
Military cooperation with the United States
Domestic arms industry
Internal security concerns. Kurdish separatists ; Terrorism of the left ; Armenian terrorism ; Islamists
Police system. National police ; Gendarmerie ; Intelligence services
Crime and punishment. Procedures in criminal law ; Incidence of crime ; Narcotics trafficking ; Individual rights ; Penal system
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