Front cover image for Unshakeable confidence : the freedom to be our authentic selves : mindfulness for women

Unshakeable confidence : the freedom to be our authentic selves : mindfulness for women

Mare Chapman (Author)
"With astounding clarity, Chapman identifies the gender conditioning women receive from the moment the doctor exclaims 'It's a girl!' This warm and practical book guides the reader through an intimate journey, showing how women form disempowering beliefs that cause them to lose themselves in relationships, and how to regain connection with their true selves through mindfulness. The ultimate destination is unshakeable confidence: the deep, stable inner trust to handle whatever is happening, the awful, hard, seemingly unbearable things in life, as well as the outrageously amazing and wonderful"--back cover
Print Book, English, 2017
Mare Chapman, Madison, WI, 2017
ix, 378 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
9781537553412, 1537553410
Introduction: the map for the journey
Self: conditioned and authentic: who am I really?
Othering 101: how we learn to other
Trained to please: characteristics of othering
The remedy is mindfulness
Basic principles: the nuts and bolts of mindfulness
The first formal meditation: don't just do something, sit there and breathe
Awareness is the first step towards freedom: spotting othering
Oh, my body! Connecting with this precious body
We are sensational, but do I have to feel that? Our amazing sensations
The sticky icky habits of the judging mind
The power of thoughts: don't believe everything you think
The wanting mind and the four noble truths
The wisdom of our messy emotions
What am I truly responsible for? The power of resistance and acceptance
Healing self-hatred: the power of loving kindness
The alchemy of befriending our difficult emotions
Compassion: I'm so sorry for this pain
From somebody to nobody: the freedom of no self
Where from here? Watering the seeds of unshakeable confidence
Includes guided meditations such as the raisin meditation, mindful breathing, the body sweep, mindfulness of sensations and thoughts, exploration of the effects of judgements and wants, and offering metta to self and others