Front cover image for Urban governance and unequal geographies of water in Buguruni Ward, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Urban governance and unequal geographies of water in Buguruni Ward, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

This research examines the provision of drinking water in Dar es Salaam in a context of public and private sector failure. Kyessi (2005) notes the failure of conventional approaches and infrastructure to reach fringe and informal settlements of Dar es Salaam, where nearly 70% of the population resides (Lupala 2002). Citywide water priorities have focused on supply, infrastructure, and bill collection. Partially due to pressure from donors, Tanzania privatised the management of its water system in 2003, only to cancel the contract in 2005 (Abdul-Aziz 2005). A public parastatal organization currently manages the system. Theoretically, the thesis draws from Swingedouw (1995, 1997, 2003, 2004) to help conceptualise the influence of power and governance across scales, from local to international. -- The thesis examines water provision at two levels. Firstly there is a study of urban governance that includes public sector, private sector, and civil society actors and their relationships and accountability. Secondly a local case study undertaken at Buguruni ward is used to analyse the local agency of water consumers and vendors. The case study clarifies issues of shortage, water quality, and citywide pressures on water supply in the ward. Furthermore, relationships between households, local government and CBOs, and the various sellers of water in the ward are investigated. -- Research findings identify tense relationships between state and civil society actors. Relevant themes include political and economic pressure, corruption and governance pressures, and problem perception. Agency is analysed through the exercise of choice, relationships, and accountability. Urban water governance models (Rogers and Hall 2003, Franks and Cleaver 2007, Brocklehurst 2004) are used to compare water governance between the urban and community scales
Thesis, Dissertation, English, 2010
University of London, London, 2010
King's College London