U.S.-Mexico borderlands : historical and contemporary perspectives. (書籍, 1996) [WorldCat.org]
U.S.-Mexico borderlands : historical and contemporary perspectives. 資料のプレビュー

U.S.-Mexico borderlands : historical and contemporary perspectives.

著者: Oscar J Martínez
出版社: Wilmington, Del. : Scholarly Resources, 1996.
シリーズ: Jaguar books on Latin America, 11.
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The US-Mexican borderlands form the region where the United States and Latin America have interacted with the greatest intensity. This work addresses the protracted conflict rooted in the vast  続きを読む


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ドキュメントの種類 書籍
すべての著者/寄与者: Oscar J Martínez
ISBN: 0842024476 9780842024471
OCLC No.: 760444116
物理形態: xix, 264 p. ; 23 cm.
コンテンツ: Chapter 1 Introduction Part 2 I The Making of the Boundary Part 3 Essays Chapter 4 The Treaty of Guadalupe Chapter 5 The Mesilla Treat, or Gadsden Purchase Part 6 Documents Chapter 7 Texas Declaration of Independence Chapter 8 Treaty of Velasco Chapter 9 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Chapter 10 Gadsden Treaty Part 11 II Border Strife Part 12 Essays Chapter 13 Filibustering and Racism in the Borderlands Chapter 14 The Apaches in Mexican-American Relations, 1848-1861 Part 15 Documents Chapter 16 Report to the President Chapter 17 Texas Frontier Troubles Chapter 18 Proclamation Chapter 19 El Paso Troubles in Texas Part 20 III The Rise in Transborder Interaction Part 21 Essay Chapter 22 Sonora: The Making of a Border Society, 1880-1910 Part 23 Documents Chapter 24 Why the Border Needs the Free Zone Chapter 25 Why the Free Zone Should Not Exist Chapter 26 A Mexican Schoolboy's Experiences in Eagle Pass, Texas Part 27 IV The Mexican Revolution Part 28 Essays Chapter 29 Revolutionary El paso, 1910-11 Chapter 30 The Arizona-Sonora Border and the Mexican Revolution Part 31 Documents Chapter 32 Conspiring against Porfirio Diaz Chapter 33 Plan de San Diego Chapter 34 A Chicano Lawyer Blasts the Texas Rangers Part 35 V Boom and Bust Part 36 Essays Chapter 37 Prohibition and Depression in Ciudad Juarez-El Paso Chapter 38 La Crisis Part 39 Document Chapter 40 Mexican MIgratory Workers in South Texas: Crystal City, 1938 Part 41 VI Interdependence: Blessings and Curses Part 42 Essays Chapter 43 Border Commuter Workers and Transfrontier Metropolitan Structure along the U.S.-Mexican Border Chapter 44 The U.S.-Mexican Border and NAFTA: Problem or Paradigm? Part 45 Documents Chapter 46 La Frontera: Land of Opportunity or Place of Broken Dreams? Chapter 47 Mexican Maids: El Paso's Worst-kept Secret Chapter 48 Border Ignored: Congressmen Fight Nationwide Indifference Part 49 VII A World Apart Part 50 Essays Chapter 51 The Borderblasters Chapter 52 Tourist Landscapes Part 53 Documents Chapter 54 Border Ambiente Chapter 55 So Close, Yet So Far: San Diego, Tijuana Bridging Gap Chapter 56 "La Frontera" Chapter 57 Suggested Readings Chapter 58 Suggested Films
シリーズタイトル: Jaguar books on Latin America, 11.




The selections provide an accessible mini-introduction for students and teachers to the compelling evolution of this border in many of its facets. * Journal of American Ethnic History * Especially 続きを読む




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