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Viral and rickettsial infections of man

Print Book, English, [1965]
Lippincott, Philadelphia, [1965]
xvi, 1282 pages illustrations 26 cm
Selected chapters:
1. General principles and historical aspects / Frank L. Horsfall, Jr. (p.1)
4. Design principles in virus particle construction / Donald L.D. Caspar (p. 51)
18. Polioviruses / David Bodian and Dorothy M. Horstmann (p.430)
19. Coxsackie viruses / Gilbert Dalldorf and Joseph L Melnick (P.474)
20. Echoviruses / Joseph L Melnick (p.513)
23. Encephalomyocarditis viruses / Joel Warren (p.562)
27. Arboviruses; group B / Delphine H. Clarke and Jordi Casals (p.606)
30. Influenza viruses / Thomas Francis, Jr. and Hunein F. Maassab (p.689)
34. Respiratory syncytial virus / Robert M. Chanock and Robert H. Parrott (p.775)
38. Rabies virus / Harold Norlin Johnson (p.814)
40. The adenovirus group / Harold S. Ginsberg and John H. Dingle (p.860)
42/ Varicella-herpes zoster virus / Thomas H. Weller (p.915)
44. The poxvirus group / Allan W. Downie (p.932)
45. Infectious hepatitis and serum hepatitis / W. Paul Havens, Jr. and John R. Paul (p.965)
46. Infectious mononucleosis / Alfred S. Evans and John R. Paul (p.994)
49. Typhys fever rickettsiae / John C. Snyder
51. Scrub typhus rickettsia / Joseph E. Smadel, revised by Bennett L. Elisberg (p.1130)
52. Q fever rickettsia / Richard A. Ormsbee (p.1144)
53. Trench fever rickettsia / Joel Warrne (p.1161
Appendix: Basic techniques for virology / Nathalie J. Schmidt and Edwin H. Lennette
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"An entirely new fourth edition [of T.M. Rivers' Viral and rickettsial infections of man]."