Front cover image for Voices from the silence : Guatemalan literature of resistance

Voices from the silence : Guatemalan literature of resistance

"In this rich anthology of Guatemalan political writing, editors Zimmerman and Rojas have taken excerpts from poems, novels, stories, and essays and woven them into a powerful narrative of Guatemala's past. Forged in the midst of anti-dictatorial struggles, of rebellions and revolutionary crises, these discourses, both realistic and magical, show a nation attempting to move from social domination and fragmentation to a mythical community that has inspired its people to become soldiers and its soldiers to become poets."--Jacket
Print Book, English, 1998
Ohio University Center for International Studies, Athens, 1998
xv, 545 pages ; 22 cm.
9780896801981, 0896801985
The Indigenous people, the conquest and the colony
The Indians, the independence, nineteenth century struggles, and the reform period
Estrada Cabrera, Ubico and the October Revolution
The ten years of spring
Years of repression and rebellion (1954-1970)
Those who died (1965-70)
Years of war and awakening (1970-80)
The united struggle and the Holocaust (1980-1985)
Writers male and female, poetry; poetry and the people (1970-1990)
The Cerezo years: (1986-1991)
Translation of a revised version of Guatemala: voces desde el silencio (1993)