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The war of the worlds

This edition’s appendices include other related writings by Wells; selected correspondence; contemporary reviews; excerpts from works that influenced the novel and from contemporary invasion narratives; and photographs of examples of Victorian military technology.
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AcknowledgementsIntroductionH.G.Wells: A Brief ChronologyA Note on the TextThe War of the WorldsAppendix A: H.G. Wells on The War of the WorldsH.G. Wells, from Strand Magazine (1920)H.G. Wells, from “Preface to Volume III” (1924)Appendix B: Wells’s Publications Related to The War of the WorldsH.G. Wells, from “Zoological Retrogression” (1891)H.G. Wells, “On Extinction” (1893)H.G. Wells, from “The Advent of the Flying Man: An InevitableOccurrence” (1893)H.G. Wells, from “The Man of the Year Million” (1893)H.G. Wells, from “Another Basis for Life” (1894)H.G. Wells, “The Extinction of Man: Some SpeculativeSuggestions” (1894)H.G. Wells, from “The Stolen Bacillus” (1894)H.G. Wells, “Intelligence on Mars” (1896)H.G. Wells, “Through a Microscope” (1897)Appendix C: Extracts from Wells’s CorrespondenceAppendix D: Reviews of The War of the WorldsJohn St. Loe Strachey, from Spectator (29 January 1898)Academy (29 January 1898)R.A. Gregory, from Nature (10 February 1898)Basil Williams, from Athenaeum (5 February 1898)Appendix E: Influences on WellsWinwood Reade, from The Martyrdom of Man (1872, 1875)T.H. Huxley, from Evolution and Ethics (1893)H.G.Wells, from “Huxley” (1901)Appendix F: Invasion NarrativesWilliam Le Queux, from The Great War in England in 1897 (1894)“Grip” (pseudonym), from How John Bull Lost London (1882)Appendix G: Mars in 1898Nature (2 August 1894)Percival Lowell, from Mars (1895)Appendix H: Woking and SurreyA.R. Hope Moncrieff, from Black’s Guide to Surrey (1898)Eric Parker, from Highways and Byways in Surrey (1908)Appendix I: The Victorian Military, 1890sField ArtilleryGunners of Field ArtilleryHigh-Angle FiringMachine Gun DetachmentHeliograph Operators1st DragoonsH.M.S.ThundererH.M.S. RamillesSelected Bibliography
Appendices (p. 193-261) include additional material by and about H.G. Wells and the book - Includes bibliographical references (p. 263-268)