Front cover image for Why won't you apologize? : healing big betrayals and everyday hurts

Why won't you apologize? : healing big betrayals and everyday hurts

Harriet Goldhor Lerner (Author)
"Renowned psychologist and bestselling author of The Dance of Anger sheds new light on the two most important words in the English language--I'm sorry--and offers a unique perspective on the challenge of healing broken connections and restoring trust. Dr. Harriet Lerner has been studying apologies--and why some people won't give them--for more than two decades. Now she offers compelling stories and solid theory that bring home how much the simple apology matters and what is required for healing when the hurt we've inflicted (or received) is far from simple. Readers will learn how to craft a deeply meaningful "I'm sorry" and avoid apologies that only deepen the original injury. Why Won't You Apologize? also addresses the compelling needs of the injured party--the one who has been hurt by someone who won't apologize, tell the truth, or feel remorse. Lerner explains what drives both the non-apologizer and the over-apologizer, as well as why the people who do the worst things are the least able to own up. She helps the injured person resist pressure to forgive too easily and challenges the popular notion that forgiveness is the only path to peace of mind. With her trademark humor and wit, Lerner offers a joyful and sanity-saving guide to setting things right, "
Print Book, English, 2017
Touchstone, New York, 2017
x, 195 pages ; 22 cm
9781501129599, 9781501129612, 1501129597, 1501129619
The many faces of "I'm sorry"
Five ways to ruin an apology
More wimpy, overblown, and downright relationship-busting sorrys
Apologizing under fire: how to handle big-time criticism
The secret life of the non-apologizer
"He's so defensive!": what do you have to do with it?
and whether
to accept the olive branch
Who is at fault?: when reconciliation grinds to a halt
The most stunning apology I ever witnessed
"You need to forgive" and other lies that hurt you
How to find peace
The two most powerful words in the English language