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WorldCat search plug-ins

Books, videos, downloadable audiobooks...if it's in a library near you, these plug-ins let you find it in WorldCat no matter where you are on the Web

Facebook application

For users of the Facebook social networking Web site

Illustration: Facebook application for WorldCat

This Facebook Application gives you access to WorldCat searches and user-created lists from personalized pages within your Facebook account. The application includes a Home screen with WorldCat search box, as well as quick links to WorldCat searches based on topics listed in your Facebook profile as personal interests. The application also includes:

Installation notes
You will need to log in to your Facebook account, or create an account, before installing the WorldCat application. Once you have logged in and reached the installation page, lick the Add Application button, modify the default Facebook application settings if desired, and click the Add WorldCat button.

How to use
If you did not modify the default Facebook application settings during installation, a WorldCat search box will be available from your Profile page, and a link to the full WorldCat application will appear on the left-hand list of Applications displayed below the Facebook search box. Click it to load the application's home page.

Go to Facebook's WorldCat application page

Firefox browser search extension

For Firefox browser (all versions and operating systems)

Illustration: Firefox plug-in for WorldCat

If Firefox is your browser of choice, install this extension to add WorldCat library results to the Search Bar. WorldCat will appear as an option in the Search Bar menu.

Installation notes
You must have a Mozilla-based browser installed before adding a search extension.

How to use
Enter a term in the Search Bar and select the WorldCat option from the dropdown menu.

Install Firefox search extension