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Poe, Edgar Allan 1809-1849

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Most widely held works by Edgar Allan Poe
Poems of Edgar Allan Poe by Edgar Allan Poe( Book )
490 editions published between 1830 and 2017 in 5 languages and held by 8,452 libraries worldwide
This collection includes explanatory notes on some of the better known poems, and some of Poe's theories about poetry and literary criticism
Tales of mystery and imagination by Edgar Allan Poe( Book )
849 editions published between 1432 and 2018 in 12 languages and held by 6,487 libraries worldwide
Presents an anthology of tales of horror and the supernatural
Edgar Allan Poe by Edgar Allan Poe( Book )
157 editions published between 1896 and 2018 in 9 languages and held by 4,980 libraries worldwide
A collection of thirteen poems and eight prose selections from larger works
The murders in the Rue Morgue by Edgar Allan Poe( file )
326 editions published between 1841 and 2017 in 17 languages and held by 4,438 libraries worldwide
"In The Murders in the Rue Morgue, all of Paris is in shock following the ghastly murder of two women--but with all witnesses claiming to have heard the suspect speak a different language, the police are stumped. When Dupin finds a suspicious hair at the crime scene, and places an advert in the newspaper asking if anyone has lost an 'Ourang-Outang,' things take an unexpected turn."
The complete tales and poems of Edgar Allan Poe by Edgar Allan Poe( Book )
118 editions published between 1938 and 2016 in 3 languages and held by 4,318 libraries worldwide
Brings together seventy-two stories, one novella, and fifty-three poems by the master of the macabre
The cask of amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe( file )
66 editions published between 1846 and 2017 in 5 languages and held by 3,926 libraries worldwide
After enduring many injuries of the noble Fortunato, Montressor executes the perfect revenge
The narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym, of Nantucket by Edgar Allan Poe( file )
149 editions published between 620 and 2018 in 6 languages and held by 3,510 libraries worldwide
After reading an 1836 newspaper account of a shipwreck and its two survivors, Edgar Allan Poe penned his only novel, 'The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket, the story of a stowaway on a Nantucket whaleship who finds himself enmeshed in the dark side of life at sea: mutiny, cannibalism, savagery-even death. As Jeffrey Meyers writes in his Introduction: '[Poe] remains contemporary because he appeals to basic human feelings and expresses universal themes common to all men in all languages: dreams, love, loss; grief, mourning, alienation; terror, revenge, murder; insanity, disease, and death.' Within the pages of this novel, we encounter nearly all of them. Bron: Flaptekst, uitgeversinformatie
The black cat by Edgar Allan Poe( file )
235 editions published between 1842 and 2017 in 11 languages and held by 3,426 libraries worldwide
The story's speaker unwinds, in a logical manner, a series of happenings he calls "household events." More deeply, however, the reader embarks on a ghastly journey through the subconscious of a murderer. Through the telling of the events, and through the guilt and pressure of the subconscious, the details of the murder are revealed
William Wilson by Edgar Allan Poe( file )
43 editions published between 1839 and 2018 in 9 languages and held by 3,298 libraries worldwide
William Wilson tells the tale of a man who travels around the world pursued by his ghostly double who tries to keep him from sin and vice. This stands out among Edgar Allen Poe's stories for the fact that it is less Gothic, less gruesome, and less melodramatic than most of his other work. You'll find a different kind of storytelling here than you would in The Tell-Tale Heart or in The Fall of the House of Usher. [Publit]
The gold bug by Edgar Allan Poe( file )
469 editions published between 1842 and 2018 in 18 languages and held by 3,274 libraries worldwide
The discovery of a message in code on a shoreline formerly infested with pirates sends William Legrand and his friends on a hunt for buried treasure
Eleonora by Edgar Allan Poe( file )
29 editions published between 1841 and 2017 in 5 languages and held by 3,260 libraries worldwide
Not Provided by Publisher
The mystery of Marie Roget by Edgar Allan Poe( file )
41 editions published between 1899 and 2018 in 4 languages and held by 3,255 libraries worldwide
Poe's character, the detective C. August Dupin, and his sidekick, the unnamed narrator, undertake the unsolved murder of Marie Rogêt in Paris. The body of Rogêt, a perfume shop employee, is found in the River Seine and the media take a keen interest in the mystery. Dupin remarks that the newspapers "create a sensation...rather than to further the cause of truth." Even so, he uses the newspaper reports to get into the mind of the murderer. Dupin uses his skills of ratiocination to determine that a single murderer was involved who dragged her by the cloth belt around her waist before dumping her body off a boat into the river. Finding the boat, Dupin suggests, will lead the police to the murderer
Mellonta Tauta by Edgar Allan Poe( file )
19 editions published between 1850 and 2017 in 5 languages and held by 3,217 libraries worldwide
Ahora, mi querido amigo, por sus pecados tendra que soportar le inflija una larga carta chismosa. Le digo claramente que voy a castigarlo por todas sus impertinencias y que sere tan tediosa, tan discursiva, tan incoherente y tan insatisfactoria como pueda
The domain of Arnheim by Edgar Allan Poe( file )
13 editions published between 1846 and 2015 in English and held by 3,203 libraries worldwide
The island of the fay by Edgar Allan Poe( file )
16 editions published between 1841 and 2017 in English and Spanish and held by 3,202 libraries worldwide
The scenario of this work is atypical for Poe. The narrator begins his tale by commenting that "the higher order of music is the most thoroughly estimated when we are exclusively alone." Only then, he states, can its "spiritual uses" be fully appreciated. "But there is one pleasure still within the reach of fallen mortality--and perhaps only one--which owes even more than does music to the accessory sentiment of seclusion. I mean the happiness experienced in the contemplation of natural scenery. In truth, the man who would behold aright the glory of God upon earth must in solitude behold that glory." The narrator explains that the presence of any other form of life other than "the green things which grow upon the soil and are voiceless" is "at war with the genius of the scene." The "dark valleys," the "grey rocks," the "waters that silently smile," the "proud watchful mountains" are "the colossal members of one vast animate and sentient whole...whose life is eternity; whose thought is that of a God; whose enjoyment is knowledge; whose destinies are lost in immensity; whose cognisance of ourselves is akin with our own cognisance of the animalcule which infest the brain--a being which we, in consequence, regard as purely inanimate and material, much in the same manner as these animalcule must thus regard us."
The spectacles by Edgar Allan Poe( file )
15 editions published between 1844 and 2015 in English and Undetermined and held by 3,200 libraries worldwide
The narrator, 22-year old Napoleon Buonaparte, changes his last name from "Froissart" to "Simpson" as a requirement to inherit a large sum from a distant cousin, Adolphus Simpson. At the opera he sees a beautiful woman in the audience and falls in love instantly. He describes her beauty at length, despite not being able to see her well; he requires spectacles but, in his vanity "resolutely refused to employ them." His companion Talbot identifies the woman as Madame Eugenie Lalande, a wealthy widow, and promises to introduce the two. He courts her and proposes marriage; she makes him promise that, on their wedding night, he will wear his spectacles
Landor's cottage : a pendant to 'the domain of Arnheim' by Edgar Allan Poe( file )
11 editions published between 1849 and 2015 in English and held by 3,177 libraries worldwide
This is not a typical Poe story. It is more or less a romantic description of a house and its surrounding landscape. A young couple are moving in
King Pest : a tale containing an allegory by Edgar Allan Poe( file )
9 editions published in 1993 in English and Undetermined and held by 3,153 libraries worldwide
Essays and reviews by Edgar Allan Poe( Book )
42 editions published between 1984 and 2007 in English and held by 3,137 libraries worldwide
This collection of Poe's writings includes his thoughts on poetry; reviews he wrote on many other authors, British, American, and Continental; his views of the literary world he moved in; essays, etc. A valuable tool for anyone studying Poe and his work
Selected tales by Edgar Allan Poe( file )
95 editions published between 1922 and 2008 in 4 languages and held by 3,045 libraries worldwide
Edgar Allan Poe's Gothic tales have established themselves as classics of horror fiction, and as the inventor of the modern mystery, Poe created many of the conventions which still dominate the genre of detective fiction. Attentive to the historical and political dimensions of these very American tales, this new selection of twenty-four tales places the most popular, The Fall of the House of Usher, The Masque of the Red Death, The Murders in the Rue Morgue, and The Purloined Letter--alongside less well-known travel narratives, metaphysical essays, and political satires
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Alternative Names
Ai de ge Ai lun Po 1809-1849
Aidege-Ailun-Po 1809-1849
Allan-Poe, Edgar
Allan-Poe, Edgar 1809-1849
Allen Poe, Edgar
Allen Poe, Edgar 1809-1849
Boj, Edkar
Boj, Edkar 1809-1849
Boy, Etkar
Boy, Ētkar 1809-1849
Edgar Allan Poe
Edgar Allan Poe American author, poet, editor and literary critic
Edgar Allan Poe americký spisovatel
Edgar Allan Poe Amerikaans schrijver
Edgar Allan Poe amerikansk poet, novellförfattare
Edgar Allan Poe amerikansk skribent og poet
Edgar Allan Poe écrivain américain
Edgar Allan Poe escriptor estatunidenc
Edgar Allan Poe escritor estadounidense
Edgar Allan Poe Escritor, poeta e crítico americano
Edgar Allan Poe Escritor, poeta e crítico estadunidense
Edgar Allan Poe poeta i nowelista amerykański
Edgar Allan Poe Sastrawan, kritikus sastra, editor.
Edgar Allan Poe scriitor american, poet, romancier, nuvelist și critic literar
Edgar Allan Poe scrittore, poeta, critico letterario, giornalista, editore e saggista statunitense
Edgar Allan Poe scrittore statunitense
Edgar Allan Poe US-amerikanischer Schriftsteller
Edgar Allan Poe usona verkisto
Edgar Allan Poe yhdysvaltalainen kirjailija ja runoilija
Edgar Allen Poe
Edgar Poe
Edgaras Alanas Po
Edgars Alans Po
Edgarus Allan Poe
Edqar Allan Po
Lavante 1809-1849
Perry, Edgar A.
Perry, Edgar A. 1809-1849
Po A.E.
Po, Aidege Ailun 1809-1849
Po, Ailun, 1809-1849
Po E.A.
Po, Èdgar.
Po Èdgar 1809-1849
Po, Edgar A.
Po, Ėḍgār A. 1809-1849
Po, Èdgar Alan.
Po, Edgar Alen
Pō, Eḍgār Ālen 1809-1849
Po, Ėdgar Allan
Po, Edgar Allen
Po, Edgar Allen 1809-1849
Po, Edgar Elen 1809-1849
Po Edgaras
Po Edgaras Alanas
Po, Edgars.
Po, Edgars 1809-1849
Po, Edgars Alans 1809-1849
Po, Edgars Allans 1809-1849
Po, Edhar
Po, Edhar 1809-1849
Poe, .. 1809-1849
Poe A.E.
Poe, E.
Poe E.A.
Poe E. A. 1809-1849
Poe, E. A. (Edgar Allan), 1809-1849
Poe, E. Allan 1809-1849
Poe , Edg. Allan
Poe, Edg. Allan 1809-1849
Poe Edgar
Poë, Edgar 1809-1849
Poe Edgar A.
Poe, Edgar A. 1809-1849
Poe, Edgar A. (Edgar Allan), 1809-1849
Poe , Edgar Alan
Poe, Edgar Alan 1809-1849
Poe Edgar Allain
Poe Edgar Allan
Poe, Edgar Allan 1809-1849
Poe, Edgar Allen
Poe, Edgar Allen 1809-1849
Poë, Edgard
Poë, Edgard 1809-1849
Poe, Edgard Allan 1809-1849
Poe , Edgardo
Poe, Edgardo 1809-1849
Poe, Edgardo A. 1809-1849
Pöe, Edgardo Allan
Poe Edgars Alans
Poe, Edjar Allan
Poe, Edjar Allan 1809-1849
Pol Edgar Allan
Pou Edgaras Alenas
Pū, Idġār Ālan 1809-1849
Pui, 'Agga 'Aylan
Pui, ʼAggā ʼAyʻlaṅʻ 1809-1849
Pŵ, Edgar
Quarles 1809-1849
Quickens, Charles
Quickens, Charles 1809-1849
Quickens, Quarles
Έντγκαρ Άλλαν Πόε αμερικανός λογοτέχνης
Едгар Алан По
Едгар Аллан По американський письменник, поет, есеїст, драматург, літературний редактор і критик
Едгар Алън По
Едґар Aллен Поу
По Едгар Аллан
По Э.
По, Э 1809-1849
По Э. А
По Э. А. 1809-1849
По, Э. (Эдгар), 1809-1849
По Эдгар
По Эдгар 1809-1849
По Эдгар Аллан
По, Эдгар Аллан 1809-1849
Поэ Э
Поэ Э. 1809-1849
Поэ Э. А
Поэ Э. А. 1809-1849
Эдгар Алан По
Эдгар Аллан По
Эдгар По американский писатель, поэт, литературный критик и редактор
Էդգար Ալլան Պո
אדגר אלן פו סופר ומשורר אמריקני
עדגאר אלאן פא
פא, אדגאר אלאן
פא, אדגר אלן 1809-1849
פא, עדגאר
פא, עדגאר עלען 1809־1849
פאו, עדגאר עלען
פאו, עדגאר עלען 1809-1849
פו, אדגאר אלן
פו, אדגר
פו, אדגר אלן
פו, אדגר אלן 1809־1849
פו, אדגר אלן 1849־1809
פוא, אדגר אלן.
פוא, אדגר אלן 1809-1849
ادجار الان بو
إدجار آلان بو، 1809-1849
إدغار آلان بو
ادقار آلن پو
ادگار آلن پو شاعر و نویسنده آمریکایی
ایڈ گرایلن پو
ایڈگر ایلن پو
بو، إدغار آلان، 1809-1849
بو، وليم إدغار آلان، 1809-1849
ئێدگار ئالێن پۆ
एडगर अॅलन पो
एडगर ऍलन पो
एडगर एलन पो
एड्गार एलेन पोए
এডগার অ্যালান পো
ਐਡਗਰ ਐਲਨ ਪੋ
એડગર ઍલન પો
எட்கர் ஆலன் போ
എഡ്ഗാർ അല്ലൻ പോ
එඩ්ගා ඇලන් පෝ
เอดการ์ แอลลัน โพ
ედგარ ალან პო
ედგარ ალან ფო
뽀 1809-1849
뽀오, 아란 1809-1849
에드거 앨런 포
포, E.A. 1809-1849
포, 애드가 앨런 1809-1849
포, 에드가 알렌 1809-1849
포, 에드가 앨랜 1809-1849
포, 에드가 앨런 1809-1849
포, 에드거 A. 1809-1849
포, 에드거 알렌 1809-1849
포, 에드거 앨런 1809-1849
포우 1809-1849
포우, A. 1809-1849
포우, E.A.
포우, E. A 1809-1849
포우, 알란 1809-1849
포우, 애드가 앨런 1809-1849
포우, 애드가 앨렌 1809-1849
포우, 애드거 앨런 1809-1849
포우, 에드가 알란 1809-1849
포우, 에드가 앨런 1809-1849
포우, 에드거 앨런 1809-1849
포우, 에드거 앨렌 1809-1849
ኤድጋር አለን ፖ
អេដហ្គារ អាឡាន ផូ
アランポオ 1809-1849
ポー, E. A
ポー, エドガー
ポー, エドガー・アラン
ポウ, エドガー・アラン
ポオ, E. A
ポオ, アラン
ポオ, エドガー・アラン
ポオ, エドガア アラン
坡, 亞倫
愛倫坡 1809-1849
English (2,623)
French (239)
German (239)
Spanish (215)
Japanese (62)
Dutch (37)
Italian (36)
Russian (19)
Chinese (16)
Danish (14)
Turkish (14)
Greek, Modern [1453- ] (12)
Swedish (10)
Korean (9)
Portuguese (8)
Polish (8)
Hebrew (6)
Multiple languages (6)
Romanian (3)
Hungarian (3)
Basque (3)
Thai (2)
Czech (1)
Yiddish (1)
Croatian (1)
Ukrainian (1)
Burmese (1)
Latvian (1)
Norwegian (1)
Vietnamese (1)
Achinese (1)
Slovenian (1)
Serbian (1)
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