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Wells, H. G. (Herbert George) 1866-1946

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Most widely held works by H. G Wells
The war of the worlds by H. G Wells( Book )
1,283 editions published between 1898 and 2019 in 22 languages and held by 17,901 libraries worldwide
When a Martian spacecraft lands on Woking Common, mankind is terrorized by aliens in tall, armored capsules which stalk the countryside on three legs. The machines wreak havoc on London and the Southern Counties, and survivors are driven underground. Scientist John Nicholson tells how he was plunged into a paralyzing nightmare of stark terror, savage madness and utter destruction
The Time machine by H. G Wells( Book )
1,296 editions published between 1609 and 2018 in 22 languages and held by 15,955 libraries worldwide
A young scientist, to the amazement and disbelief of his colleagues and other experts, has perfected a machine that lets him live one of mankind's oldest dreams, to live in times other than his own
The invisible man by H. G Wells( Book )
1,286 editions published between 1897 and 2019 in 31 languages and held by 14,130 libraries worldwide
A quiet English country village is disturbed by the arrival of a mysterious stranger who keeps his face hidden and his back to everyone
The island of Dr. Moreau by H. G Wells( Book )
600 editions published between 1896 and 2019 in 15 languages and held by 8,773 libraries worldwide
After narrowly missing death at sea, a young man encounters an eccentric scientist on a lonely island, which leads to terror and a fight for survival
Tono-Bungay by H. G Wells( Book )
375 editions published between 1908 and 2018 in 17 languages and held by 7,495 libraries worldwide
"Presented as a miraculous cure-all, Tono-Bungay is in fact nothing other than a pleasant-tasting liquid with no positive effects. Nonetheless, when the young George Ponderevo is employed by his uncle Edward to help market this ineffective medicine, he finds his life overwhelmed by its sudden success. Soon the worthless substance is turned into a formidable fortune as society becomes convinced of the merits of Tono-Bungay through a combination of skilled advertising and public credulity."--Goodreads
The outline of history : being a plain history of life and mankind by H. G Wells( Book )
504 editions published between 1919 and 2017 in 5 languages and held by 7,344 libraries worldwide
Herbert George Wells is perhaps most well known today for his science-fiction novels but it was "The Outline of History" that initiated a new era of popular history. Although the harshest critics were from those who disagreed on ideological grounds, it's difficult to dismiss the depth of Wells' insights and prophetic accuracy. E.M. Forster and Beatrice Webb both praised the book on publication. It was this very book to which G.K. Chesterton responds in "The Everlasting Man" as does Hilaire Bellock in "A Companion to Mr. Wells's "Outline of History." "In re-living the entire life of Mankind as a single imaginative experience, Mr. Wells was achieving something which they themselves would hardly have dared to attempt ... In fact, the purpose and value of Mr. Wells's book seem to have been better appreciated by the general public than by the professional historians of the day
The first men in the moon by H. G Wells( file )
470 editions published between 1890 and 2018 in 13 languages and held by 5,738 libraries worldwide
Thanks to the discovery of an anti-gravity metal, Cavorite, two Victorian Englishmen travel to the moon, where they encounter the extraordinary underground world of the Selenites, insect-like aliens living in a rigidly organised hive society
Ann Veronica, a modern love story by H. G Wells( file )
265 editions published between 1892 and 2018 in 6 languages and held by 5,077 libraries worldwide
Ann Veronica Stanley rebels against her staid father, moves to London to go to college, and becomes involved in the suffrage movement. As a "new woman," she rejects one man's advances, becomes engaged to another, and pursues an adulterous affair with a third
The history of Mr. Polly by H. G Wells( Book )
324 editions published between 1900 and 2018 in 8 languages and held by 4,113 libraries worldwide
The career of an unsuccessful, imaginative tradesman who, on sudden impulse, vanishes while his house is on fire and roams about on whimsical adventure
The new Machiavelli by H. G Wells( file )
201 editions published between 1900 and 2018 in 4 languages and held by 3,654 libraries worldwide
Shortly after writing this book, Wells abandoned writing science fiction for a series of comic novels and novels of lower-middle-class life. This book represents that transition in his life
The time machine by H. G Wells( Sound Recording )
249 editions published between 1895 and 2017 in 3 languages and held by 3,516 libraries worldwide
The Time Traveller first steps out of his magnificent time transport machine in the year 802,700! He finds the Earth populated by a race of slender pacifists and decides to study this lush land of flower people before returning to his own age
A modern utopia by H. G Wells( Book )
208 editions published between 1900 and 2018 in 7 languages and held by 3,278 libraries worldwide
The British novelist, historian, and social critic shares his view of a modern welfare state on a global level
God the invisible king by H. G Wells( file )
83 editions published between 1910 and 2018 in 4 languages and held by 3,214 libraries worldwide
This book is a discussion about religion and the human relationship to God
The war of the worlds by H. G Wells( Sound Recording )
237 editions published between 1938 and 2017 in 4 languages and held by 3,201 libraries worldwide
The ultimate tale of Earth's invasion, written by one of the fathers of the science fiction genre. They came from a depleted, dying planet. Their target: the riches of a moist, green Earth. With horrifyingly advanced machines of destruction, they began their inexorable conquest. The war for Earth seemed destined to be ... but was it?
The secret places of the heart by H. G Wells( file )
86 editions published between 1900 and 2018 in 5 languages and held by 3,141 libraries worldwide
"The novel -- a thinly-veiled autobiography -- depicts an English gentleman, Sir Richard Hardy, who is attempting to sort out his marital problems while he travels the English countryside in the company of a psychiatrist."--Goodreads
The soul of a bishop by H. G Wells( file )
81 editions published between 1917 and 2018 in 5 languages and held by 3,118 libraries worldwide
A bishop's progress from orthodox churchmanship to a "simple and overruling knowledge of God". A study of the religious problem
When the sleeper wakes by H. G Wells( file )
142 editions published between 1899 and 2018 in 7 languages and held by 2,884 libraries worldwide
"Graham, an 1890s radical pamphleteer who is eagerly awaiting the twentieth century and all the advances it will bring, is stricken with insomnia. Finally resorting to medication, he instantly falls into a deep sleep that lasts two hundred years. Upon waking in the twenty-second century to a strange and nightmarish place, he slowly discovers he is master of the world, revered by an adoring populace who consider him their leader. Terrified, he escapes from his chamber, seeking solace-- only to realize that not everyone adores him. In fact, some wish to destroy him."--Back cover
A short history of the world by H. G Wells( Book )
513 editions published between 1915 and 2018 in 15 languages and held by 2,746 libraries worldwide
"A Short History of the World is an engrossing account of the evolution of life and the development of the human race. Wells brings his monumental learning and penetrating historical insight to bear on the Neolithic era, the rise of Judaism, the Golden Age of Athens, the life of Christ, the rise of Islam, the discovery of America, the Industrial Revolution, and a host of other subjects"--Publisher website (August 2007)
In the days of the comet by H. G Wells( Book )
197 editions published between 1905 and 2018 in 12 languages and held by 2,744 libraries worldwide
A comet rushes toward the Earth, a deadly, glowing orb that soon fills the sky and promises doom. But mankind is too busy hating, stealing, scheming, and killing to care. As luminous green trails of cosmic dust and vapor stream across the heavens, blood flows beneath: nations wage all-out war, bitter strikes erupt, and jealous lovers plot revenge and murder. The Earth slips past the comet by the narrowest of margins, but all succumb to the gases in its tail. When mankind wakes up, everyone is completely and profoundly different
The door in the wall, and other stories by H. G Wells( file )
51 editions published between 1911 and 2018 in English and Undetermined and held by 2,560 libraries worldwide
The title story tells of a promising public figure used up by his job and obsessed by a vision of an enchanted garden he had known as a child. It is a tale all of us know, the attempt to recover a period when our lives were simpler and complications lay far in the future. Other titles are: "The Star," "A Dream of Armageddon," "The Cone," "A Moonlight Fable," "The Diamond Maker," "The Lord of the Dynamos," and Wells' durably celebrated story of true freedom and the human spirit, "The Country of the Blind."
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Alternative Names
Bliss, Reginald.
Bliss Reginald 1866-1946
Boon, George 1866-1946
Gouels, Ch. Tz., 1866-1946
H.G. Wells
H. G. Wells angol író, 1866-1946
H.G. Wells britisk skribent
H. G. Wells brittiläinen kirjailija
H.G. Wells brittisk författare
H. G. Wells écrivain britannique
H. G. Wells englischer Schriftsteller
H. G. Wells escritor británico
H. G. Wells Inlatirra jacha marka qillqiri & lup'intawiri
H.G. Wells Inlatirra mama llaqtayuq qillqaq wan yachay wayllukuq
H. G. Wells Nhà văn
H. G. Wells scrittore britannico
H. G. 웰스
Herbert George Wells
Herbert George Wells anglický spisovateľ
Herbert George Wells britisk skribent
Herbert George Wells Brits schrijver
Herbert George Wells powieściopisarz angielski
Herbert Uells
Herbert Wells angla verkisto
Herberts Velss Britu rakstnieks, zinātniskās fantastikas autors
Herbertus Georgius Wells
Uèlls, Gerbert.
Uėlls, Gerbert 1866-1946
Uèlls, Gerbert Džordž.
Uėllʹs, Gerbert Džordž 1866-1946
Uélls, Guerbert 1866-1946
Uells, Herbert 1866-1946
Uėlʹs, Gerbert D.
Uėlʹs, Gerbert D. 1866-1946
Uelʹs, Gerbert Dschordsch 1866-1946
Uelsas G.D.
Uelsas H.
Uelsas Herbertas Džordžas
Uelss, H., 1866-1946
Ugel's, Gerbert D.
Vėlls, Chėrbėrt 1866-1946
Vells, Gerbert, 1866-1946
Vels, Gerbert, 1866-1946
Vels, H. Dž.
Vels, Herbert 1866-1946
Vels, Herbert Džordž
Velʹs, Khėrbert Zh 1866-1946
Velsas H.Dž.
Velsas H.G.
Velsas Herbertas
Velsas, Herbertas 1866-1946
Velsas Herbertas Džordžas
Velsas, Herbertas Džordžas 1866-1946
Velss, H. G. (Herberts F.), 1866-1946
Velss, H. (Herberts), 1866-1946
Velss, Herberts, 1866-1946
Wei er shi 1866-1946
Wei er si 1866-1946
Weiershi 1866-1946
Weiersi 1866-1946
Wells 1866-1946
Wells , Erberto Giorgio
Wells G.H.
Wells , George Herbert
Wells, H
Wells H.G.
Wells H.-G. 1866-1946
Wells, H. G. (Herbert George)
Wells, H. G. (Herbert George), 1866-1946
Wells Herbert G.
Wells, Herbert G. 1866-1946
Wells, Herbert Geo 1866-1946
Wells, Herbert Georg 1866-1946
Wells , Herbert George
Wells, Herbert-George 1866-1946
Wells, Herbert Georges 1866-1946
Wellsas H.G.
Wels, G. H.
Wels, H. G
Wels, Herberṭ Ǧôrǧ 1866-1946
Weruzu, H. G. 1866-1946
Wīlz, H.Ǧ. 1866-1946
Wīlz, Hirbirt Ǧūrǧ 1866-1946
WLS, H. G. 1866-1946
Γουέλς, Χ. Τζ., 1866-1946
Χ. Τζ. Γουέλς Συγγραφέας και ιστορικός
Вельс, Хэрберт Ж 1866-1946
Герберт Уеллс
Герберт Уэллс
Герберт Уэллс английский писатель и публицист
Герберт Уэлс Брытанскі пісьменнік і публіцыст
Герберт Уэльс
Гэрбэрт Ўэлз
Уеллс Г.
Уе̇ллс, Герберт 1866-1946
Уэллс Г.
Уэллс Г. 1866-1946
Уэллс Г. Г. 1866-1946
Уэллс Г.Д.
Уэллс Г.Дж.
Уэллс Г. Дж. 1866-1946
Уэллс Герберт
Уэллс, Герберт, 1866-1946
Уэллс, Герберт Дж., 1866-1946
Уэллс Герберт Джордж
Уэллс, Гергерт 1866-1946
Уэлльс Г. 1866-1946
Уэлльс, Г. (Герберт), 1866-1946
Уэлльс, Герберт, 1866-1946
Уэлс Г. 1866-1946
Уэльс Г. 1866-1946
Уэльс, Г. Дж. (Герберт Дж.), 1866-1946
Уэльс, Герберт, 1866-1946
Уэльс, Герберт Д 1866-1946
Уэльс, Герберт Джордж 1866-1946
Уэльс Х. Г. 1866-1946
Уэльс, Х. Г. (Херберт Дж.), 1866-1946
Уэльсъ, Г.Д..
Уэльсъ, Гербертъ, 1866-1946
Херберт Џорџ Велс
Хърбърт Уелс
Հերբերտ Ուելս
אואילס, הירברט
אועלס, ה.
אועלס, ה.ג
איאלס, הירברט
הרברט ג'ורג' ולס סופר בריטי
ואלס, ה. ג'.
וואלעס, הרברט ג'ורג', 1866-1946
וולס, ה. ג׳
וולס, הרברט ג'ורג'
וועלס, הערנערט
וועלס, הרברט ג'ורג', 1866-1946
ולס, ג.
ולס, ה. ג.
ולס, ה. ג 1866־1946
ולס, ה. ג. (הרברט ג'ורג'), 1866-1946
ולס, הרברט ג׳ורג׳
اچ. جی. ولز
اچ. جی. ولز نویسنده بریتانیایی
ایچ جی ویلز مشہور انگریز سائنس فکشن لکھاری
هـ. ج. ويلز، 1866-1946
هربرت جورج ويلز كاتب إنجليزي
ولز، هـ. ج.، 1866-1946
ولس، هربرت جورج
وه<<>>لس، هربرت جورج
ويلز، هربرت جورج
ويلز، هربرت جورج ، 1866-1946
ويلس، هربرت جورج
ऍच॰ जी॰ वेल्स
एच जी वेल्स्
হারবার্ট জর্জ ওয়েলস
ਐਚ ਜੀ ਵੈਲਜ
எச். ஜி. வெல்ஸ்
ಎಚ್. ಜಿ. ವೆಲ್ಸ್
എച്ച്.ജി. വെൽസ് ഇംഗ്ലീഷ് നോവലിസ്റ്റ്, അദ്ധ്യാപകൻ, ചരിത്രകാരൻ, പത്രപ്രവർത്തകൻ
เอช. จี. เวลส์
ဝဲလ်၊ အိပ်ချ်၊ ဂျီ
ჰერბერტ უელსი
웰스, H. G. 1866-1946
웰스, 하버트 조지 1866-1946
웰스, 허버트 조지 1866-1946
웰즈 1866-1946
웰즈, H. G. 1866-1946
웰즈, 허버트 조지 1866-1946
허버트 조지 웰즈 1866-1946
ウェルズ, H. G.
ウェルズ, ハーバート・ジョージ
ウエルズ, H. G.
威爾士 1866-1946
威尔士赫伯特·乔治 1866-1946
威尓斯, 赫. 乔.
威尓斯, 赫伯特・乔治
赫伯特·喬治·威爾斯 英文作家
韋爾斯 1866-1946
韦尓斯, 赫・乔
韦尔斯赫·乔 1866-1946
English (6,587)
Spanish (517)
French (488)
German (326)
Chinese (232)
Italian (92)
Polish (82)
Japanese (75)
Russian (60)
Hungarian (47)
Czech (46)
Dutch (27)
Portuguese (20)
Swedish (19)
Korean (12)
Basque (12)
Turkish (11)
Danish (11)
Hebrew (10)
Esperanto (10)
Vietnamese (9)
Slovenian (8)
Ukrainian (7)
Arabic (5)
Croatian (5)
Romanian (5)
Irish (5)
Persian (4)
Multiple languages (4)
Norwegian (4)
Catalan (3)
Serbian (3)
Icelandic (2)
Finnish (2)
Armenian (2)
Marathi (2)
Malay (2)
Tamil (1)
Hindi (1)
Panjabi (1)
Bengali (1)
Scottish Gaelic (1)
Gujarati (1)
Thai (1)
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